Cluster’s Coordinator

The Center Cooperation of the Recycling – not for profit system ltd. company commenced its business activity in November 2010 under the name Odzysk sp. z o.o./ Recovery Ltd. Company. In July 2013, the authorities of the company decided to extend the scope of your business and to create a legal and organizational framework for the provision of services by the company to organize, coordinate the process of cooperation in the framework of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster.

On 31.07.2013, the Council of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster has taken
a resolution to entrust the company with effect from 01.08.2013 r. the coordinator of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster. The Coordinator under the agreement serves as the executive organ of the Council Cluster, fulfilling the tasks entrusted to it by the Management Cluster, which represents the Cluster outside.

The tasks of the Coordinator are:

  • initiating, organizing and supporting the process of cooperation within the framework of a cooperative relationship – the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, between enterprises, business support institutions, scientific and research units and local government units.

The detailed scope of tasks and competences of the Cluster Coordinator is specified in
the Coordination Agreement of 19. 12. 2013, which includes, among others:

  • administrative, office and financial services;

  • building networks of cooperation links and relations between current and potential partners of the cluster and networks of stakeholders;

  • providing an organizational support for meetings of the Council and the Cluster Management Board of the Cluster as well as other individual and cluster meetings in the scope
    of supporting the cooperation link;

  • developing a strategy of the cluster; initiating joint research, development and implementation projects, creating consortia and cooperation nodes;

  • planning, designing, coordinating and supervising the implementation of projects serving
    the development of the cluster and seeking external financing sources for these projects;

  • facilitating linkage cluster partners, their agents and employees with access to the latest achievements of science, technology and the exchange of experiences;
  • initiating actions contributing to revenue growth or cost reduction, including through purchases and sales of syndicated services and products; for example (joint purchase
    of telecommunications, energy, logistics services or common sales of services for companies and multi-branch institutions with a distributed business structure);

  • create new and existing services and products to improve the level of competitiveness of
    the partners in a cooperative relationship, including the strengthening of the “value chain”;

  • coordination of cooperation and initiatives as well as projects implemented within the framework of the idea of the “sustainable development” concept and corporate social responsibility;

  • coordinating cooperation and initiatives and projects implemented as part of the development of the idea of “sustainable development” and corporate social responsibility;

  • promotion of the cluster’s activity in Poland and abroad through the cluster’s website (www. klasterodpadowy. com), fairs, exhibitions, conferences, trade missions, etc;

  • undertaking activities in order to obtain co-financing for the functioning and development
    of cluster links, including grants, subsidies, state and local government tasks
    of commissioned special purpose loans, etc;

  • taking decisions concerning the Cluster in all matters not reserved for the Cluster Council and for the Board of Cluster.

Acting as the coordinator of the cluster, the company undertakes activities aimed at building
the good relations with the recipients of provided services, including in particular with the participants of the cooperative relationship (cluster’s partners), service and product suppliers, universities, research and development units, recovery organisations, business support institutions; (including chambers of commerce and industry, training and advisory firms, investment funds, law firms, agencies, incubators, technology parks, and others), as well as the associations, foundations, the public and local government units which are or may become business or social partners, and thus directly or indirectly affect the economic or social activity conducted by the applicant.

On 20. 09. 2013, the name of the company was changed to The Center Cooperation of the Recycling – not for profit system – Limited company, by a notarial deed of Rep. A.
No. 3201/2013. In accordance with § 21 of the amended articles of association, the right of shareholders to share in the profit resulting from the financial statements has been excluded. The Company has also changed its business objectives. Pursuant to § 4 of the Agreement, the Company is to pursue the following objectives:

  • increasing the environmental awareness of the society with regard to the proper management of the waste, including in particular the waste electrical and electronic equipment, the light sources and batteries of all kinds,

  • promotion of users’ knowledge of the possible impact of substances used in the waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries and accumulators on the environment and human health in case of improper handling,

  • construction of national and local systems for selective collection of the waste electrical and electronic equipment and the waste batteries and accumulators, including, inter alia, construction of logistics systems for transport, selective collection and storage of the waste,

  • informing the local communities about the collection systems available to them in order to the support the achievement of a high level of collection of the waste equipment from households,

  • promotion of knowledge and awareness of the environment in terms of contributing to reuse, recovery, including recycling of the waste electrical and electronic equipment,

  • supporting the development of research and technology in the field of the modern techniques of recovery and recycling of the waste electrical and electronic equipment and their maximum utilization, minimizing emissions in processes, processing and disposal,

  • supporting of the economic and business development, including through investments in the modern facilities and infrastructure for the waste recovery and recycling,

  • supporting the development of technology and innovation as well as the dissemination and implementation of some new technical, process, technological and organisational solutions in economic practice, including the creation and development of transregional and pan-European cooperation links in the field of the waste management,

  • leading and promoting the environmental education and popularizing the idea of
    the sustainable development,

  • protection of the nature and the natural heritage.

The company may also operate the public benefit activities, referred to in art. 3 par. 1 and paragraph 3. Item 4 of the Act of 24 April 2003 on the public benefit and the voluntary work – the sphere of the public activities.

The Company is established in the business activity on the basis of an entry in the National Court Register under number 0000369953 made by the District Court for Lublin-eastern Poland with its registered office in Świdnik, 6th Commercial Division of the National Court Register. The duration of the Company is unlimited.

The company’s share capital amounts to PLN 50,000 and is divided into 600 equal and indivisible shares with a nominal value of PLN 50. 00 per share. The shares were covered with a cash contribution. The shareholders of the company are 5 entities/persons, each of whom has a 20 % shareholding:

    a value of PLN 10,000.00
  • “CORPORATION OF THE POLISH RECYCLING” LTD, involving 200 shares with
    a value of PLN 10,000.00
  • BARTOSZ KUBICKI, involving 200 shares with a value of PLN 10,000.00
  • ZBIGNIEW MIAZGA, involving 200 shares with a value of PLN 10,000.00
  • “O-PAL” LTD, involving 200 shares with a value of PLN 10,000.00

The Center Cooperation of the Recycling also provides the following services:

  • Grant, investment, product and promotional advice.
  • Prepares the economic, environmental and market analyses as well as develops the project documentation (applications, business plans, feasibility studies) for the Cluster Partners and other companies and institutions related to the waste industry and recycling.


Address of the Company :

Bartosza Głowackiego street 4A/15, 25-368 Kielce, Poland

Office in Warsaw :
Racjonalizacji 6/8 street, House 2. room 350 , 02-673 Warsaw, Poland

Office in Kielce:
Sienkiewicza 69/3 street, 25 – 002 Kielce, Poland

Office in Lublin:
Metalurgiczna 15 C street, 20-234 Lublin, Poland

Represented by:

  • President of the Board – Jolanta Okońska-Kubica

Address e-mail:

mob.: + 48 533 649 605

fax: + 48 81 748 52 50